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~~ Wednesday, April 30, 2003 ~~

~~ So I thought I'd update considering the last time I did was Feb. 17... well, I've been busy, Dana! :) ~~

~~ Last weekend was altogether way too much fun... I can't wait to go to Dartmouth next year... Julie and Gabby are the best hosts ever! ~~

~~ I'm done... no more concerts for the rest of the year... it's weird, I have time to breathe... but I miss it... well, I'll audition for a Dartmouth a capella group next year... don't know if I'll make it, though... well, I guess we'll see... ~~

~~ Crap, the last time I updated I was organizing Spring Symphony! That feels like so long ago! And to think that the program actually said I'd be at Notre Dame in the fall... ~~

~~ Friday's Grad Night... woo hoo! I love Disney! Then, next weekend's Prom... wow, I am so psyched... hehehehehe :) ~~

~~ Seniors won Cailini! :) Woo hoo! It'll be shown on nat'l TV on May 11th at 5 PM... :) ~~

~~ Alright, I really need to go study now... enough procrastination... argh!

Bible Verse of the Moment
"May the God of Hope fill you all with peace and joy in believing so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."
Romans 15:13

Song of the Moment
"All the songs on the new Jaci Velasquez CD that I got from the Easter Bunny... :)
I've also got this one song stuck in my head... "We who believe in freedom will not rest..."

Quote of the Moment
"You just got Senioritis? I've had Senioritis since kindergarden... I didn't even want to color!"
- The one, the only, Tom Wenzel

Major Props of the Moment
Toasty Warmest, I need some info about SUN...

Dartmouth people... yeah, so I've got a Dartmouth bumper sticker on my car now... :)

Shirley, boys, boys, boys! ;) He can sing and dance! hehe

Cristella, was the apple yummy?

Kevin, party on... and feel better, too... :)

Caroline, you're going to Prom!

Gina, I miss you soooo much... May 19th... :)