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I am who I am

I wrote this poem almost 4 years ago... I feel I've grown quite a bit since then, so there are a few things that are a little different, yet much of it still rings true.

I have long black hair and light brown eyes.
My room is a mess and I hate lies.

I am who I am. Donít try to change me.
Iím not gonna change if you donít like what you see.

Sometimes I am strong. Sometimes I am weak.
Someday Iíd like to climb a high mountain peak.

I play the piano. I am an athlete.
I love going barefoot, but Iíve got big feet.

I donít enjoy science. I do like math.
When I need to relax, I just take a bath.

I can hide my true feelings, itís easy to do.
I can smile, I can laugh, but it may not be true.

Some say I am pretty but I think they are wrong.
ďThe RoseĒ is my most favorite song.

I like to act. I like to recite.
In case you didnít know 5'6" is my height.

I donít like to cry where people can see.
Itís hard to let others see my identity.

I like playing with make-up and watching a game.
Iím a complex girl, but Iím pretty sane.

I might get pissed off, but I will not show it.
I like to write poetry, but Iím not a good poet.

If Iím really upset or my heart has a dent,
then Iíll tell God and Heíll wait while I vent.

God knows how I feel and wonít get me all riled.
And I know that He wonít make me feel like a child.

I like to sit and analyze the world around me.
That way I know what it is that surrounds me.

I do not believe in love at first sight.
When my sisterís around, we get in a fight.

My goal in this life is to change someoneís life.
To mean something to them. To help them through strife.

To be more than just a regular friend.
To imprint a memory that will never end.

Iíd like to be remembered as someone who did
everything that she could to help someone succeed.

I want to help achieve someoneís goal.
I want to be the one to intertwine with their soul.

Anyone can listen or pretend to, at least.
I want to be more than some human beast.

If I had not lived, or I ceased to be,
would that affect someoneís life tremendously?

As of right now, I donít think so,
but maybe with time, my dream can grow.

I donít know what Iíll be. And right now I donít care.
As long as it is Godís Love I can share.

Whether music be a hobby, or music be a passion.
I donít want to work so to live in a mansion.

I want to live so that I am remembered.

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